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8 Dec

It’s never happened before, and you’ll probably never see it happen again… But here it is…

After last night’s crazy cup game v Droylesden which finished 8-2 to the O’s after trailing 2-0 with 13 minutes of normal time remaining.

My thanks to @therealhicksy on twitter for this pic. I have another one on my home pc to post later on!


Lionel Messi at Hackney Marshes

20 Oct
Hackney Marshes, London Borough of Hackney, E5/E9

Image by Ewan-M via Flickr

the home of football… but why didn’t he pop into Brisbane Road afterward?

Uncle Barry and Russel had a contract waiting for him ( 8 million quid lying around??)

Lord Sugar To Buy Leyton Orient

13 Oct
Lord Davies, Lord Sugar and Lady Vadera

Lord Sugar models next season Orient kit

Well this time last week, Lord Sugar was taking to the media promoting his autobiography and new show on Talksport. Hang on, that’s Essex boy and hammers fan Russel Brand. No, Lord Sugar was plugging his book and the new series of the Apprentice on BBC1. (The establishment can’t trust Mr Brand on the main channel JUST YET – too soon after Sachsgate)

During the interviews with the Sun, BBC Breakfast and 5live,  ‘Sur Alan’ compared the LIb Dems in government to Leyton Orient in the champions league – a fish out of water (Champion League – your having a laugh, we can’t even get through to the later stages of the Johnstone Paint Trophy).

Then, during saturdays 5live commentary of Sheffield Wednesday v The O’s,  Connor Macnamara said that in another interview, when asked was  Jose Mourinho the special one, Sugar replied “Get him down Leyton Orient, and see if he’s the special one” It’s a fair comment in relation to many managers who moan they need to spend more money to compete in the premier or champions league.

But it appears that Lord Sugar has got his local team, our beloved Leyton Orient on the brain, or under his skin.

After the Lib Dem story I tweeted his Lordship the Baron of Clapton, but no reply.  Maybe he doesn’t want the big story to break just yet. He has stated in his book and on telly that buying Tottenham Hotspur was the biggest (business) mistake of his career, so the chance of him ploughing his millions into another football club, two divisions lower, when he could be relaxing on his yacht or at his californian home watching back episodes of CSI, but he might be thinking he has unfinished business in football, and what better stage than his local team,  with less expectations, but with huge potential.I have it on good authority that he (and his son) had looked over the orient accounts in the past after selling Spurs, but no bid was forthcoming at that time. After donating a million pound to the Hackney Empire after selling Spurs I remarked that he was transferring money from one comedy club to another, but now might be the time for the real fun to start…

Orient are used to being linked with profile players, managers and owners… Peter Shilton, Ray Wilkins, Amara Simba, Alvin Martin, Joe Kinnear, Barry Hearn, David Beckham, Terry Byrne, Michael Barrymore

Lord Sugar to buy Leyton Orient from Uncle Barry (Hearn) YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST…


Orient Fish Out of Water In Champions League (and Johnstone Paint Trophy)

6 Oct
UEFA Champions League Final 2010.

Another Final Orient missed out on

Interviewed in the Sun newspaper this morning to promote the new series of the Apprentice, Lord Sugar (it’s not Sir Alan anymore – he says so himself here) says that the Lib Dems in government are like Leyton Orient in the Champions League, a fish out of water.

Champions League we should be so lucky, we can’t even get to the later stages of the Johnstone Paint Trophy (Southern Area).

Report of last nights exit to Brentford from the O’s website

Russel Slade and His Leyton Orient Flat

30 Sep
Rage Against The Machine Coachella 2007 Thier ...

Rage Against The Machine Xmas No.1 2009

Following the Evening Standard interview with Russel Slade which revealed that Mr Slade lived in one of the Barrat Homes flats on the corner of Brisbane Road, I received the following messages by text…

Barry: So If the coach leaves at 9am, he can come down at 8.59?? (Quite good for Barry, believe me!!)

Whitecoatman: SO can we put together a song for Slade and his gaff??

Barry: So if we want Slade out, we can protest outside his house

(again, far above Barry’s normal efforts)

Shocked and stunned at the quality of Barry’s texts, while I was sitting down, I started work on a chat for Whitecoatman to debut in time for the Christmas Number 1 battle with the X Factor Winner.

Here’s what I came up with…

Russel Slade, Russel Slade

Signed Nine players ‘cos he likes to Trade

Russel Slade, Russel Slade,

Lives In A Corner Flat

‘Cos Thats where He laid his hat

Russel Slade, Russel Slade

Hangs Around because his house is in the football Ground

Available on i-tunes shortly no doubt!!!

EXCLUSIVE Interview With CHAIRMAN Barry Hearn

6 Sep

I caught a few words with Barry Hearn was on his way to Shanghai (first class) at Heathrow Airport on Sunday, the day after the O’s had lost to Dagenham and Redbridge.

He said we lost to a pub team (a bit harsh as Rowland Lyons might say) he left 10 minutes early.

* DISCLAIMER * Barry was probably joking and not serious about Dagenham being a pub team, just in case we need to merge with them in years to come (or surely he considers them a village team)

He reads the official Leyton Orient message board and doesn’t take the abuse seriously(!) but Dave H should stay in the Shetlands!!

April Fools That Never Made It To Print

7 Apr

Geraint Williams has left Leyton Orient to take over a special assignment for the Welsh FA, trying to persuade Ryan Giggs to play friendlies for Wales…

If both Orient and West Ham are relegated, the Olympic Stadium will have 80,000 seats taken out and moved to Goresbrook park where Dagenham & Redridge (and any other teams they merge with/swallow up in the next two years) will play.

Orient will merge with French team Lorient and Japanese side Grampus 8.
The new side will be called ‘Le Grumpy 11’ and feature 3 players from Lorient and 8 from Grampus 8.

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