Life Is A Cabaret – Peter Shilton On Strictly Update

23 Oct
Alesha Dixon

Kerry, sorry Alesha Dixon

Week Three and Shilts is still in, having seen off Paul Daniels and Goldie.

This week he danced the Charleston. Here are some of the comments…

Alesha: You didn’t really get your body into it. The hips didn’t move enough.

Bruno: You looked like a penguin stuck in the mud. Timing has to be spot on. Didn’t really gel.

Craig: I’ve glad you had a good time, I  couldn’t wait for it to finish. The white braces were a big mistake, they magnified your performance.

Len: This wasn’t your finest hour.

Tess: Standing ovation from up here..

Peter: This was a really hard dance. It;s the first time I’ve ever danced it.

Scores: Craig 2, Len 5 Alesha 6 Bruno 4 Total: 17 out of 40. Lowest score of the night so far. One of the remaining dance couples will be eliminated tomorrow on sunday…

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