Russel Slade and His Leyton Orient Flat

30 Sep
Rage Against The Machine Coachella 2007 Thier ...

Rage Against The Machine Xmas No.1 2009

Following the Evening Standard interview with Russel Slade which revealed that Mr Slade lived in one of the Barrat Homes flats on the corner of Brisbane Road, I received the following messages by text…

Barry: So If the coach leaves at 9am, he can come down at 8.59?? (Quite good for Barry, believe me!!)

Whitecoatman: SO can we put together a song for Slade and his gaff??

Barry: So if we want Slade out, we can protest outside his house

(again, far above Barry’s normal efforts)

Shocked and stunned at the quality of Barry’s texts, while I was sitting down, I started work on a chat for Whitecoatman to debut in time for the Christmas Number 1 battle with the X Factor Winner.

Here’s what I came up with…

Russel Slade, Russel Slade

Signed Nine players ‘cos he likes to Trade

Russel Slade, Russel Slade,

Lives In A Corner Flat

‘Cos Thats where He laid his hat

Russel Slade, Russel Slade

Hangs Around because his house is in the football Ground

Available on i-tunes shortly no doubt!!!

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