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27 Sep
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While the O’s (and other London based lower league teams) sometimes struggle to get 3 or 4 lines in the daily edition of the Evening Standard, there are occasional days when the publication goes the extra mile and publishes an interview with someobody from the club, be it, Hearn, Porter a player or the manager.

Last week was one of those such occasions and any O’s fan bothered enough to pick up a free copy of London’s only evening paper on thursday, the night before our derby v Brentford, were treated to an insightful interview with manager Russel Slade.

A couple of scribbled notes I made before passing  the paper to a fellow O..

  • Slade lives in one of the corner flats on the ground!!
  • His wife and kids live 200 miles away in Scarborough, sees weekends.
  • Thinks we can/will improve on current position and form
  • Nigel Quashie is training with Orient, experience rubbing off on younger players, but no suggestion we will sign him.
  • We’ve only conceded 4 goals from open play, the rest were from set pieces.
  • Defence need more time to gel and work together.
  • Only disappointing performance so far was the no-show v Dagenham, and hoping not repeated v Brentford (it wasn’t!!)

The interview can be found here…

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