Geraint Williams One Year On

8 Feb

W 18 D 11 L 17 F61 A62 Pts 65

Compared with 10 wins, 35 goals and 42 points from Lingy’s final 46.

Thanks to Rambling Man for the stats.
The highlights, starting from last season:_
* An improvement in home form, accruing enough points to stay up
* Nine wins in first fifteen games
* Loan signing of Simon Church
* 6-1 demolition of Newcastle United (albeit in a friendly)
* 1-0 win away win over Charlton
* Signing of Jonathan Tehoue and loan of Nicky Adams
* Unbeaten run of 5 games so far in 2010.

A small list at the moment, but the main factor was of course avoiding relegation last season, and making a good start to the second part of this season to drag us clear again from the dreaded R word.

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