Leyton Orient v Leeds – Player Ratings

9 Apr

Jones – 7 Kicking was off but a brilliant double save that deserves a lot more credit kept Orient in the game. Good to see a confident keeper that comes for ball. Makes a whole lot of differnce

Mkandawire – 7 so good to see him back in the team and doesn’t seem to be showing effects from recent injury. Dominant at the end and didn’t give the leeds strikers a sniff really.

Spence – 7 Does the job, quick and just gets rid of the ball, seems to have good partnership with Mkandawire.

Daniels – 6 Not a defender and that is easy to see, but does well going forward but frustrates with some of his set plays. Looked nervous after getting booked.

Cave-Brown – 6 got caught out a little and kept dragging inside which then gave Leeds a lot of space on the wings but will be a good player, and it was his first game for a while so bound to be rusty.

Morgan – 8 Had a great game, chased back and looked dangerous on the ball, yet again showed his quality which makes it even more frustating when does not show all the time. Looking for contract and performances like this can only help.

Thornton – 8 close second for man of match, did so much work for the team and last 20 minutes seemed to be everywhere. Good free kick led to first goal.

Smith – 7 looks so much better now in natural position in the centre. Passing is quality and nearly always find a man and also not afraid to get stuck in.

Demetriou – 4 Didn’t really do much on the right and too often just runs and does not seem to know what he was doing and then tries to many tricks, sent off for handball on line that looked debateable.

Church – 8 Does so much running for the team, always chasing even when looks it like lost causes. 2 goals here and since first goal has looked so much more confident.

Gray – 6 Didn’t really get into the game, won few headers and slowly getting back to fitness.

Saah, Melligan, McGleish

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