Scott McGleish After Match quotes

30 Mar

Scott McGleish scores from the penalty spot

Scott McGleish scores from the penalty spot

From BBC London interview with Tom Watt.

The dressing is very quiet, since he arrived the manager has said he has never seen a dressing room so quiet in his career.
The first half, we didn’t get stuck into them, we were penned back and stepped back. The gaffer told us to get stuck into them second half, we did that and penned them back, and got the result.
It’s so tight (at the bottom) you can’t take your foot off the gas, we’ve just got to carry on and luckily we got 3 points and not 1 or 0..

And to top off the result and the goal, Scotty was named in the News of The World team of the Day, amazingly in the right position (as a striker!)

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